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Individual Retreats

We will meet for an initial consultation on-line to determine suitability for EMDR before putting together a personalised plan involving compassion focused attachment-informed EMDR. Every retreat is tailored to individual personal needs with some people needing more time to reflect on what may come up, and others able to plough through more EMDR in a day. 


Unlike other therapy modalities EMDR can bring about dramatic improvement over an intensive period and so this is an ideal way to help you get back on track more quickly or to move your recovery journey on. Intensive EMDR is beneficial for any issue that you would have standard weekly therapy for.  However, working intensively makes use of the fact that once you trigger the onset of processing the healing continues, not just for the next couple of days, as it would in weekly EMDR, but for significantly longer.  Therefore if we continue processing, rather than pausing for another week, so much more can be achieved. This can be particularly helpful for those who want to resolve symptoms following a one-off traumatic event, as well as for those longer standing issues.

Whilst the initial cost up front is obviously higher then weekly therapy, it achieves so much more over a shorter period of time that it can work out to be more cost effective over all.  If it allows you to get your life back on track much more quickly then there are other obvious savings and benefits to be made. 

There are various packages available from an intensive half day up to either a full 4 day retreat over a long weekend (Thurs-Sun), midweek 5 days, a full week retreat, or longer.  Intensive residential EMDR has been successfully carried out in Holland for several years and the programme there is 4 days of intensive therapy, then 3 days off, followed by a further 4 days intensive therapy.  This is the ideal, combining EMDR, psychoeducation, psychotherapy, alongside other activities such as physical exercise.  This is what I am trying to offer here on an individual basis.  Whilst the work is intense, there will be time to pause as and when necessary, with time to reflect on what's coming up.

If you choose to stay on site, accommodation will be in your own self contained 2 bed or 1 bed apartment with access to the swimming pool and gym during your stay to unwind.  This is an important part of the programme, as in Holland, and we are blessed to have these facilities available for you to make use of.

Alternatively, there are several other cottages available nearby, as well as some shepherd's huts and lodges nearby.  There is also good accommodation and food available in either one of the two village pubs.  It is helpful to come with a partner, parent, or friend who can support you overnight during your time here.  EMDR can be an exhausting process and you are likely to be very tired so its helpful to have support to help with meals and driving home afterwards.

If you do the full programme, consisting of two sets of 4 days, then we would have a follow up appointment 2 weeks later, followed by another at 3 months.  However, it is important to consider how you will continue with EMDR or further therapy beyond the retreat, particularly if you're not doing the full programme.  This will be agreed at the outset.  Working intensively like this will be the equivalent of at least 6 months in weekly therapy, depending on length of stay, and the full programme may well be all that is is required.  Of course this depends on the problem and how you choose to take it forwards afterwards.


Amazing results can be achieved working intensively but it's also important to be mindful of the fact that it could bring memories into your conscious awareness that you may need to do further work on.  Intensive EMDR can stir up a lot in a very short period of time and you need to be ready to deal with them.  With the full programme there is a good amount of time to work on this, but if you're only doing part of the programme, then a plan beyond the retreat is essential. 

FEES:  1 Full day  £720

            4 Full days £2800  (Thurs-Sun)

            5 Full days £3500  (Mon-Fri)

            7 days £5000  (Thurs-Wed)

            8 Full days Thurs-Sun x 2 with Mon-Wed off £5,650

Please note that accommodation and meals are additional and booked separately. There are various prices, depending on where you choose to stay.

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